About Botox®

Clostridium Botulinum Toxin A, to give it it’s full title, is administered as a series of small injections. It takes up to 2 weeks to fully take effect following treatment and then typically lasts around 3-4 months. It works by paralysing the muscle and the effects can be seen clinically in two ways.

Firstly, after 2 weeks has passed you will notice that when making facial expressions, lines that were previously created during movement, i.e. crows feet, are no longer created. Secondly over time any lines you have when your face is at rest, will gradually improve once the line has stopped being created, this secondary effect is seen over a longer period of time and with repeated Botox® treatments.

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The uses of Botox®

Other applications of Botox® include correction of a gummy smile, in individuals that show a lot of gum when they smile Botox can be used to lower the lip line. Botox® can also be used to reduce excessive underarm sweating and is a popular treatment for both men and women. Underarm sweating usually stops almost completely following treatment, which tends to last 6 months and beyond when used in this way. It is a particularly good treatment if you have a big day coming up, if you work in a hot environment or are in close proximity to others.

Botox® is a prescription only medication and can only be administered once a full consultation to ascertain if an individual is suitable for treatment has been carried out.

Commonly asked questions

Botox is administered as a series of injections with a very small fine needle. Surprisingly it is not particularly painful and most clients would say it is not as painful as having your eyebrows threaded.

Botox takes between 5-14 days to take effect.

Not really, you would be very unlikely to get any bruising or swelling following the procedure and after an hour or so it would be impossible to tell you had had anything done.

The effects of Botox administered to the face last around 3-4 months typically. For clients with a high metabolism or who go to the gym frequently results may ware off faster. The affects of Botox administered in the arm pits to reduce excessive sweating typically lasts around 4-7 months.

Helen PriceHelen Price
11:59 05 Apr 24
Emma gave me good advice on my skin care and talked about all the latest research and products suitable for me. A very personal experience.
Julie HarveyJulie Harvey
17:03 07 Sep 23
Truly the best place the ladies here care so much and know there stuff
Carole HopeCarole Hope
20:18 06 Jul 23
Evette put me at my ease and kept me informed about what to expect at every stage of my treatment. Excellent results - highly recommended!
10:24 18 Jun 23
Always professional and always happy with all my skincare and advice , Wouldn’t go to anyone else .
Heather RatcliffeHeather Ratcliffe
20:36 12 May 23
Jennifer MccrindleJennifer Mccrindle
19:52 15 Mar 23
Had the BEST treatment with Evette who was really lovely and talked me through everything that she was doing. Machine was amazing, the premises are gorgeous and Evette is highly qualified, approachable and so knowledgeable - I felt in safe hands! I can’t wait for my next visit!
Cara PhillipsCara Phillips
19:07 28 Oct 21
I recently booked in for some skincare advice and a facial. Evette is amazing, I now have a new skincare regime and can really see the results even after a week! My facial was just what I needed, in a lovely relaxing environment and my skin was glowing afterwards. Would highly recommend this clinic!
Elizabeth FinnElizabeth Finn
11:18 29 May 20
I recently had a zoom consultation with Dr Emma regarding a new skin care regime. My skin has changed over the last few years and I was at a loss as to how to best look after it. Dr Emma was extremely professional and listened to my concerns before explaining to me why my skin was showing areas of distress and what we could do to help this. She gave me simple tips I could implement at home and explained how lifestyle has a massive impact on your skin health. Following our consultation Dr Emma set up a prescription for products she thought best for my skin and explained what these products could do for my skin as well as sending me articles to show evidence for this. My products arrived within days and Dr Emma then explained how to use each product and in what order - as well as how to give myself a mini facial! Dr Emma has made sure she has kept in touch for any advice needed and to check in on how my skin is doing. We have also discussed what treatments may be beneficial for my skin and I look forward to coming in to the clinic once lockdown has eased. Dr Emma is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease talking through my concerns straight away. Overall, an excellent experience and my skin is feeling better and better every day.
One2One Driving schoolOne2One Driving school
19:37 18 Oct 19
I always use cosmetic perfection for all my skincare & aesthetic needs. Dr Emma does my Botox to the highest standard always ensuring I have amazing results without looking 'frozen' or 'over done' in any way. The skincare treatments on offer are also fantastic there is a wide variety of choice to help with any skin issues you want to improve on & they are always relaxing and carried out with care. They always achieve excellent results ! . I particularly like the fact there is premium skincare products of a very high quality available to purchase to use at home which is very convenient. I recommend Dr Emma to everyone she is very professional, discreet, approachable and welcoming. As Dr Emma is a medical professional you can relax knowing you are in highly trained and experienced hands.