WOW Facial Treatments On the Wirral Near Heswall

Maintaining the condition of our skin isn’t easy, particularly when we’re always on the go. And, with so much to consider as we go about our daily lives, it can often feel like we’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping our skin looking fresh, radiant and free from those irritating signs of ageing and activity. Give your skin the ‘WOW factor’ with WOW Facial treatments at Cosmetic Perfection, one of the leading aesthetics clinics in Wirral and Heswall. 

What is the WOW Facial?

As a comprehensive and confidence-boosting facial treatment, the WOW Facial combines leading skincare technology with several tried-and-tested ways of enhancing the health and appearance of the facial skin of every type. That’s why so many people in Wirral, Heswall and beyond have entrusted us with helping them to recapture their glow in time for any number of special occasions and events and to achieve results that are both instantly visible and long-lasting. 

The 6 Elements of the WOW Facial 

Age, lifestyle and other environmental factors are far from kind to our skin. Fortunately, the 6 fantastic elements that make up the WOW Facial seamlessly come together to leave you with a refreshing, eye-catching and luminous glow capable of inspiring jealousy and admiration from everyone you come into contact with. But just how does it achieve these aims? 

  • WOW Cleanse and Resurface: Everyday living can leave its mark on our faces in the form of leftover makeup and dirt. After this is cleared away by an AHA cleanser, your skin is ready to experience the full power of one of four resurfacing skin peels. These have been designed for effectiveness on a variety of skin types, so glowing results are assured.
  • WOW Dermaplaning: Building on the purifying effects of the skin peel, the dermaplaning element of the WOW Facial removes dead skin and pesky peach fuzz with ease for a clearer, less-compromised complexion. 
  • WOW Fusion: Dermaplaning clears the way for the administration of the WOW Fusion serum directly into the skin. In this process, a carefully constructed formula of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and peptides is delivered to the deepest layers of your skin with the help of a collection of fine needles in order to improve your skin’s tone and texture, with added brightening and hydrating effects. 
  • WOW Light: LED therapy has recently proven itself an effective treatment for skin besieged by pigmentation problems, acne outbreaks and areas of sun damage. With this in mind, the masks that feature in the WOW Light section of the WOW Facial treatment make use of red, blue and green LED colours in order to enact a noticeable improvement in the appearance of these skin concerns, regardless of your skin type. 
  • WOW Mask: As a unique formulation of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other essential ingredients, the fabled WOW Mask rehydrates your skin as well as diminishing the appearance of prominent fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Finish, Protect and WOW: To finish, a bespoke solution will be applied to the skin to ensure adequate protection. An invigorating eye serum and high-strength SPF will also be used to keep your skin looking its best. 

Get the WOW Factor with Cosmetic Perfection

As such as an effective and results-driven treatment, the WOW Facial is notable for how it can be tailored to meet a range of differing skin requirements. During a thorough consultation with us at our clinic, based in Wirral and Heswall, we’ll guide you through all of the most important elements of this treatment and work alongside you to ensure that we meet all of your skincare goals head-on. For transformative results that will help you recapture your confidence and feel like the best version of yourself, get in touch with us today.

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