How to age well

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At Cosmetic Perfection we use only the best products and the safest techniques to provide our clients with natural looking results.

The ageing process

As we age we naturally lose bone support as the bones in our skull change shape and the fat pads in the mid-face diminish. Gravity also plays its part, creating the overall effect of volume moving from the mid-face to the lower face. This creates the tell tale signs of ageing such as loss of definition in the jaw line, jowls, deep lines forming between the corners of the nose and the mouth and lines developing downwards from the corners of the mouth known as marionette lines. Volume loss in the mid-face and cheek area can also create a look of tiredness, which is often our client’s main complaint when they present to us.

When women approach the menopause their collagen levels can dip by as much as 70%, resulting in skin laxity and a loss of firmness.

The solution

Dermal filler is a great solution for restoring volume which has been lost. The dermal fillers that we use at Cosmetic Perfection are primarily made up of hyaluronic acid; a substance that is found naturally in the body and is the body’s natural moisturiser.

Dermal fillers come in a range of different viscosities depending on the tissue which it is formulated to mimic. If augmenting lost boney tissue, in the case of the jaw-line or the cheek area, then a more viscous filler would be used. If replacing sub-dermal tissue, a less viscous dermal filler would be placed more superficially.

In the hands of a skilled medic, dermal filler treatments which address the cause of the signs of ageing, lead to natural looking treatment outcomes and avoids ‘looking like you’ve had something done’ which can often be a fear people have when considering dermal filler as a treatment option.

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How long do they last?

Dermal fillers last varying amounts of time depending on the region they are placed, the individual themselves and their metabolism and the viscosity of the filler used. Dermal filler treatment typically last between 6-24 months. This can be discussed with your practitioner.


We use a range of high end tried and tested dermal fillers. Our most popular filler which we introduced into the clinic at the beginning of last year. is KYSENSE®. It is a brand new, CE marked, quality, intelligent HA dermal filler using advanced technology to bring improvements in precision, projection and patient satisfaction.

Choosing a practitioner

When selecting an aesthetic practitioner to carry out this kind of treatment we would highly recommend visiting an experienced medic.  

Dr Emma Mckay has 16 years experience as a dental surgeon, specialising in implant placement, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. She branched out into aesthetic medicine over 8 years ago. Dr Emma is an expert in mid-facial re-volumisation.

Adjunctive treatment

We believe combining treatment modalities gives the best outcome. To make your dermal fillers last as long as possible, combination them with great home care, regular in-clinic skin treatments and skin targeted nutrition.

If you would like to book a consultation with Dr Emma, you can call our clinic located in Heswall at the Brimstage Courtyard on The Wirral on 0151 324 6214 or visit our website to make an online booking.

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